Tuesday, April 20

Study, Eat, Study, (repeat)

What do all of these pictures have in common?

Procrastination Station!

It's the week the students all dread ... final exams. Bible studies pretty much get tossed aside this week as we watch the students cram-- some taking fours or five major exams in the same week.
The Procrastination Station is just a small way we can serve them while they study, snack, drink coffee, study, ... repeat.
We went through fifteen gallons of lemonade in one night in addition to the coffee.
Students respond differently when they find out everything is free: 
"Free?, Really?"
"Free, what do you mean it's free?
"Free?  Yeahhh!"
This night we had a few who told us they remember us from last semester and were looking forward to seeing us again.  Several made intentional efforts to come and thank us for helping them through the night.
One student told us, "You make exam week worth the effort." (Hope I can meet his wife someday and tell her he is pretty easy to please with a little food and a smile!)
When they can't take the pressure of the books any more, they get up for another round of coffee or burn off a little stress at the ping-pong table.  This fellow was quite good at keeping the ball in the air by blowing off a little of his stress.
Besides getting to meet new students, we leave out tracts (such as this one) and CBF literature for them to take. There are always some who want to know more. Five or six expressed interest in coming to a small group Bible study.
And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked, while others said, "We will hear you again on this matter." However, some men joined him and believed...   Acts 17:32,34

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  1. Yes, it is really free, just like the gift of salvation!


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