Saturday, April 3

This Week On Campus

This week on campus included a wide variety of scenes and events. (No two days on campus is ever quite the same.)
"The Pit" on campus is a center point on campus for everything and anything immaginable.  One day this week The Pit was reserved for a memorial for the student that was murdered last week on campus. He was stabbed by a fellow student.

Later in the week, the chess tournament was also held in The Pit for the serious minded chess players.

We were able to join eight or nine students after classes for our weekly dinner and fellowship at Moe's. The Moe's budget is right for the students and they love to bring their Bible's and discuss anything-- but especially Scripture.
It's amazing the topics they can ponder over their serious eating style. :)

Bible study was another highlight of the week. Michael taught some Imperative commands in Psalm 37. The kids participated well in the discussion and took many notes.

Getting to teach one-on-one Bible studies is also a favorite on campus.  We are seeing progress in many of our students. (Michael is teaching upstairs in this photo.)
 "So that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us;"  Acts 17:27


  1. Serious study while eating seriously good food--perfect for students of any age!

  2. that is great to see God opening doors for you to share in a relaxed manner, like around the table.(= Missing you guys, but thanks for keeping me updated through this site!!!


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