Sunday, May 30

Culture Class

If you come to church with us on Sunday you will be interested in knowing what these people are doing. 

Turn in your books to 'Cuban Culture, Lesson 1'.
Many people (both Cuban and otherwise) line up at the little janitor's closet every Sunday where you will find this sweet man ...

... Jesus, handing out free, tiny 'cups' of cafe` Cubano.  Cafe` Cubano is the name for a tiny swallow of Cuban coffee (espresso) that contains huge amounts of caffeine and plenty of sugar. Usually the first drips of  espresso are added to sugar and whipped into a frenzy before it is put back into the little cup.  It is drunk first thing in the morning, after meals, and still practiced as a social/cultural activity in Cuba and for expatriates, such as those here in Miami. 
Someone has posted a small sign on the janitor door that translates: "Jesus' Cafe."

Jesus speaks only Spanish and has a heart of gold. He brings his thermos full of espresso to share with any who come to his little closet, chat with the drinkers in Spanish while they enjoy his gift, and provides a little plastic sack to throw away their cup - like a good janitor.  Jesus can also be seen each Sunday taking out and bringing in the door mats so we don't track in all the sand and dirt into the sanctuary, serving as an usher, and locking the main doors after we all go home.

Look around and you will probably see his dear wife, Kina.

Jesus and Kina were able to come to America in 1965 as a young married couple.  I don't know how old they actually are, but I know they have been married longer than I have been alive.

If you are nervous about passing your first test in Cuban culture and don't speak Spanish, like these two American boys, just greet Jesus with a big smile, tip your cup, toss it in the bag, and mutter how good it was in English, and say 'gracias Jesus!"    There ... now that wasn't so hard.

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  1. What a sweet man. He is showing the love of Jesus by his kindness.


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