Tuesday, May 18

A Day in the Sun and Evening in the Word

Today we were graced by the visit of our nephew and his sweet wife. It was the first time we had met her. We spent part of the day together enjoying the beauty of the Everglades.
It was plenty hot - well into the 90's out in the Glades.  We got on one of these air boats

 and journeyed right through theses grasses.
In some places you could see patches of water; in some, we just sailed right over the grass. Only a few inches of boat is actually in the water when being propelled through the water/grass.
Parts of the Everglades are more open water and the reflection of the hot, Florida sky was prettier than a painting.
These lilies are actually in the orchid family and are indigenous to the Everglades. The picture isn't great, but the flowers were stunning.
Of course we came to see the gators too. Can you spot the alligator in this photo?
How many can you find here?
There were other beautiful flowers in bloom now. They look like they are growing in a field, but this is all water underneath.
A close up of these purple beauties.
Well - here is a braver girl than me!
It is amazing that, though not far from the ocean, the Everglades are so vastly different than the sea. God is the amazing Creator.
After a delightful Cuban lunch together and a needed siesta, Michael and I joined a few students and our co-workers at the campus for a Bible study.  We are having a great time in Hebrews 11, digging into the topic of faith. Tonight we focused on Enoch and a few other saints who walked with God.


  1. These photos are so great! I can't believe that our gal held that gator! Well, I guess I can, from past photos I've seen of her holding other reptiles. She'll be a real future missionary trooper!
    Lots of love to you.

  2. Seeing the pictures of the Everglades and the gal holding the gator brings back memories of seeing similar pictures of Elsbeth's time down there with you! Beautiful!

  3. Such a fun post! I do like reptiles. :-)


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