Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day with brothers and sisters in Christ, worshiping Him together.  First Michael taught in Sunday School, then we gathered in the sanctuary to sing and listen to the Word.

The Latin Ladies sang a beautiful song in Spanish. The translated English words expressed that because of what God has done in their lives, they now have a reason to live. It was so glorifying to God!
Then the choir, composed of all mothers today, sang one of my favorites - 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness'.

We also enjoyed listening to a group of Kuna Indian mothers from Panama who shared in testimony and in song. The preacher from Panama, told us in his sermon that he and all the ladies with him today were believers in Christ only because a missionary had come to the country and shared Jesus with them.  Missionaries are no longer allowed in the Kuna islands, so these dear people have taken up the torch and are sharing the blessed Name of Jesus with their own tribes.  He spoke in English; the Kuna Indian women sang in the Kuna language.  This was the first time any of them had been out of their country.
It is always a faith-builder when I hear someone from a remote part of the earth, talk about their faith in Jesus, saying the same things I know of Him and have learned of Him from His Word.  I have never doubted that He exists, but to know millions around the world (and for thousands of years) know/have known Him too is really beautiful.

Neither one of us were able to be with our mothers today, so their photos are from other special times when we got to be with them personally.  Here are the two amazing mothers who raised Michael and I and set our direction in the right path through their lives and training.
What can be more precious than a mother who loves Jesus and then tells her children about that wonderful Name?  We love you Mom!

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