Saturday, June 12


This seems to be the week for BIG.
Here are a few snapshots of big things in Miami.
I don't think I have ever seen a strawberry so big ... and it was very delicious!

I guess bubbles get big in the tropics too. :)
This man was making large bubbles, tempting those passing by to purchase his bubble wands.
It was fun to see the beautiful colors waving through the bubble in the hot sunshine.

God is also doing some big work in the lives of these students. They spent more than six hours with us one night this week asking many questions about the Lord and the truths of His Word. It is so special to watch them grow.
He is also doing a work in the lives of these two young ladies who came Tuesday night for Bible study. The past has shown us that usually He is doing a bigger work in the heart than we can even see on the outside. Thank the Lord for the work of the Holy Spirit!
Do you have some big blessings in your life?

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  1. Being able to study God's Word with my lady friends is a BIG blessing in my life!


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