Monday, June 28

Busy Day

Sunday started off in the kitchen. It was our turn to bring the breakfast snack for our Sunday School class.  I chose to make Cranberry Orange muffins (... and yes, I'll post the recipe on my kitchen site :).

Our next stop--  pick up Wen for church. She faithfully comes every Sunday and seems to enjoy it a lot.
Then we stopped by FIU at the FIJI House (Phi Gamma Delta Men's sorority) to pick up Andrew.
Andrew was a faithful CBF student who graduated last year.  He is now doing grad work in Indiana but was in town for the weekend.  He wanted to go to church with us. Andrew is a dear boy.
On of my friends at church makes it a point to greet and hug Wen every Sunday when possible.  (This is such a blessing to me and I think Wen enjoys it, though in her culture they do not hug each other.)
Yvette is very faithful each week as well, and her growth in Jesus is beautiful to watch.  God has given me this new friend to disciple and our times together are substantially productive.

The woman who was to cook for the visiting evangelist and his family of six was suddenly ill and I was asked to pinch hit this afternoon.  It was already 100 degrees outside today, might as well crank up the oven for some Easy Rigatoni.  I didn't have a recipe but found some ingredients that sounded good together and prayed for God's mercy.  Grocery day was long past due, but we added applesauce, a green salad, with some homemade bread.  God answered my prayer - He is indeed merciful.

Evening service quickly arrived and we found plenty of joy in fellowship with others, including Kaylee and Titus.
Our Sunday School class had already planned for an ice cream family gathering after church, so we brought some fun sundae toppings, relaxed and visited with each other, including these precious children.
It was a busy, but good day.

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  1. I love the picture of the toddler kissing the baby! Precious!


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