Wednesday, July 21


Recently I have had the joy of teaching the Bible to a woman in a local nursing home.  Though not so old, Dale has great physical issues that compound her life.  One of my girls (Yvette) met her first while she was sharing her faith and asked if I could lead some Bible studies with Dale.

We have been having wonderful times together in her little room.  She has a difficult time seeing, so sometimes I print out Bible verses in very large letters.  This brings her a lot of joy.  I also have been making some pretty print-outs of verses for her to hang in her room.  She likes me to pin them on her bulletin board.

Dale is a Jew who has been wonderfully redeemed by our Lord and Savior.  It is my joy to serve her in this way.  What a privilege it will be for you, me, and her to worship together around the Throne one day in Glory!
Yvette comes with me to learn how to teach others about God and His life-changing truths. Pray for the three of us as we seek to spread a little light in this nursing home.

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  1. It's so easy to take the gifts of our senses for granted. I am sure Dale greatly appreciates the very limited sight that she has, especially to read those verses you print for her.


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