Thursday, July 29

The Hand-off

Another academic year is right around the corner.  One of our goals in preparing for the fall semester was to get our student leaders prepared for their responsibilities.  Part of that training includes the 'hand-off'.

Yesterday we held our Leaders Meeting in our home with our three core leaders for this year--  Sean, Jessica, and Mariella. 

We enjoyed a lovely meal together, catching up on the news of their summer events, and a more structured time discussing the coming year. 

They loved the empanadas I made. If you want to try them for yourself click here. recipe

The 'hand-off' included giving each of them a baton for this year's race of excellence and influence at FIU. They will then hand this off to the next leader when they leave their position.

While relaxed in our time together, we were able to give them a sense of the seriousness of the roles that they model on campus. Though we as staff have good relationships with students on campus, we see repeatedly that students attract students and their potential influence as salt and light is very great.

We are excited about these three young people who all love the Lord deeply and are active witnesses at FIU and in their families.  Pray for these three as we seek to lead them along the way this year.  Pray for boldness and sensitivity on their part. The university arena can be like a battle field with land mines on every turn.

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