Sunday, July 11

In the Streets

If you are not familiar with Miami, you might be interested in seeing what we see on the streets here. There is actually much more than I have been able to capture here. Perhaps I will do a second part in the future.
Tall buildings...
little cafes   (I went inside for lunch; there were no English menus nor any English speakers.)
Streets all have numbers here as well as a name - no one uses the names.
Toll booths - many, many toll booths...
all sorts of transportation
a load of coconuts
a trolley
or a police horse in transit.
We see many birds, including ibis;
and mamma ducks walking their families down the way.
Other animals include iguana (on the tree)
and colorful lizards.
Of course there are canals all over Miami, dividing up the streets--
most of them leading out to the sea.
And then we have street vendors
selling just about anything from water to churros, to M & M's.
Selling sunflowers.
Often they keep their stash along the sidewalk...
then they head out between the next rash of oncoming traffic.
Selling fruit, even in the rain.
Rose vendor.
Sometimes they make me nervous walking between the moving cars.
And if you are from Spain,
you stick your head out the sun roof wildly waving your country's flag, honking the horn (with everyone else),
after your country won the World Cup in Football (soccer).

It's always a sigh of relief when we make it to our destination in one piece.

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  1. Sharon, this picture tour of Miami was really fascinating! To this Midwesterner, it actually looks like a different country!


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