Wednesday, July 14

A Need For Prayer

Having the freedom to serve and minister on campus is something we treasure but one we know we might not always have.  While we have built a delightful relationship with the administration on this campus, those freedoms are constantly being tested around our country and we expect it will be tested in our own ministry eventually.

On June 28 of this year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against a Christian law group to be recognized as a student organization on a campus in California because they required its officers to adhere to basic Biblical tenets.

It would be good for you to read this article so you can know better how to pray for us and for our country.

Here is another article related to the issue:

It is for students like these we are here and whom we long to tell about Jesus.
Please pray.
Mike and Sharon

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  1. I had read in an Israel My Glory magazine (Friends of Israel organization) about that case going to the Supreme Court, but until now I did not know that the Court ruled against the Christian law organization. That is sad. I will pray for CBF to be able to continue meeting on campus as it has been. You have such a vital ministry in so many lives.


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