Saturday, July 24

Seen On Campus

Tonight we had the opportunity to get all dressed up and go to campus.  The School of Music hosted a special concert on campus held in the performing arts center at FIU.

The Boys Choir from Monaco were the guests. (Ages 9-15 years)
You can click on the photo to make it bigger.

Monaco is a nation of about 33,000 people -- almost 8,000 less the than student population of Florida International University.

They sang mostly in French (their national language) though performed a few pieces in English.  Their music director and piano player was quite a talented man.  He turned his own pages, played the piano, and led the songs all at the same time.  His English reminded us of a lot of our international students; he was a delightful man.

My video camera isn't the best but I have selected some of their music for you to hear a section of their concert.  This first piece was described to us as a 'little fun French song'.  The boys had their tongues going soooo fast!

They stood with their hands tucked behind their backs the entire time and were well trained in vocal as well as performance skills.
You will recognize the tune on this song but the boy's English is a tad difficult to pick out at times.

One never knows what you will see on campus ... this sight (and sound) was a pleasure.

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  1. What a special treat for you to hear this choir! I love the sound of boys' choirs; I have several cd's of music by such groups.


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