Tuesday, July 27

A Student of the Word

Tonight was our last small group Bible study on campus for a few weeks.  We will spend the coming days getting everything prepared for the coming academic year and all that entails.  Our attendance has not been great in number this summer, but the students have been faithful.  Recently Michael has led our thoughts concerning common lies we face in popular culture and how to refute them from Scripture. They creep up everywhere and even as Christians it is so easy to fall for these lies if we are not discerning. We spent a good bit of time this evening on the lies surrounding tolerance.
This young lady is a thinker as well as a note-taker.  After Bible study tonight she asked to copy the notes from Michael's computer that she'd missed during discussion.  How precious to see a few on campus willing to give up study time each week to think on the hard things and engage their brain in the Word of God.

Please pray for our CBF family.  Often the university campus is a tough place to walk with God.

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  1. The Christian students on campus really have a challenge--to be in the world, but not to be of the world.


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