Saturday, July 31


Getting ready for the first week of classes includes preparing for Welcome Week.  While thousands of students run around on campus trying to find their classes, we have the joy of meeting a few of them at our literature table.  Normally this table is inside during the semester, but the first week of class is so crazy, we are positioned outside instead where there is a little more space and a little less noise.
A great way to meet students is to share a small gift with them.  We have chosen sports bottles again this year to give students as they pass our table.  Today was the day to stuff the bags with goodies. A few of the families from church helped us with the task.

Stamping Gospel tracts for the bags.

Serious workers

Eleven ready helpers made the time pass quickly.

Even the little ones were a blessing.

Information about Campus Bible Fellowship, a pen, a tract, candy,
and a sport bottle were all tucked in a colorful bag.

Krista loves to help out CBF

Her mother also, is a faithful supporter of our ministry.
She has cooked many meals for our students.

One more box ready, to be shared with students at FIU.

May God take His Word and our love to the hearts of the 500 students who will receive these.  It is a small effort on a campus of 40,000, but God is Almighty!



  1. I love the joyful faces of your helpers!

    Great new look for the blog!

  2. I love the joyful faces of your helpers!

  3. What wonderful helpers! Thanks so much for your recent comments on my blog. :)


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