Friday, July 2

This week has been full of a little bit of everything.  Some of our students have found our home to be a favorite 'hang-out' place in the past few months.  This week was no exception.  It has been a safe-haven for them and they tell us that they always get fed spiritually when they are here.  Sometimes I feed their hungry stomachs too, but just having them here is a blessing. 
Giselle, Sean, and Andrew

Bible study on campus was really good this week and we had three new students.  We focused on the faith of Moses as we are still in Hebrews 11.

The sorority girls came to our home for their Bible study this week too.  They had asked to learn what the Bible says about sin, so we spent our study time in that subject. Their questions were very good and it gave me an opportunity to get to know their thoughts and their spiritual needs.  I think a few of the girls are believers, but many of them are not.

We found time to do some re-potting of some of my plants and a little more painting around the house (in our bedroom) between our individual Bible studies.  When the room is fully finished I will try to post some pictures.  We had a lot of fun and are very happy to have it nearly done.
My transplanted Aloe and Flapjacks

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  1. I love it that your home is a safe haven and a place where so many young people are fed the Bread of Life!


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