Monday, August 23

Amazing Day

Being on campus was a whirl-wind of a day with thousands of students dashing about, trying to get to their classes for the first day of the semester.

Even some campus ducks seemed to catch the fever of going to class as well!
The heat was intense and the humidity high, but we spent seven hours outside by the library giving away little gift bags with a water bottle in it and other valuable information in it as well as a Gospel tract.

Many students we met were stressed, lost, or overwhelmed.  Maybe this duckling was lost too!

Hundreds of new students stopped by our table to get 'the free stuff', to find out who we are, or when Bible studies are held.  Many students we already know came by to chat with us as well, giving us the latest updates in their lives.  There was hardly a quiet moment, but we did manage to get a few pictures of those who stopped by.

Mariella (Germany)

Vijaya (India)  She asked me to bend down because she is so short.

Sean (America)

Vanessa (Latin/Florida)

Andrea (Peru)

Alyssa (Ecuador)

Carlos (he teaches in the English Learning Center)

We bumped into Carlos on our lunch break and he was very happy to see us.

Giselle (Cuban) stopped by and talked to other students she knew that passed by.

We met several guys from India; Sangra, Ganesh, and Oksna here only two or three days and missing their food very much.
Girls from the Sigma Kappa Sorority Bible study I have been leading stopped by to say hello.
We met students from places such as Colombia, China, Peurto Rico, Syria, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, the Czech Republic, as well as various places in America.
Many expressed interest in Bible studies and so we pray that God will use us to do His great work at FIU in the coming months.
Time to put our tired bodies and well-used brains to bed; praise God for a most amazing day.


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  1. It always amazes me to read of the many different nations represented at FIU. You literally have a window on the world in your ministry!


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