Tuesday, August 31

Joy in Serving

Just look at these special people we got to serve today! 

These are some of the girls who came to the Bible study today that God has given me with one of the sororities on campus. I love these girls and look forward to seeing how God works in our lives this year.

Later tonight we had delightful fellowship and a Bible study with our CBF family. (The snacks abounded tonight!)

We learned of worship and witness from Psalm 96; the students had some great observations of the sacrifices involved in worship.
(A young man with a tie on is a rare sight on campus-  he had another special occasion to attend after Bible study.)

Free food, a free Bible study book, and the Bible are all loved by this dear girl... and many others we have the joy of serving.  May their passion for God be spilled out on those they influence on campus.

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  1. What precious young people you get to serve and minister to!


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