Saturday, August 7

A Little Journey

Four airports and four states in one day started off our journey to Iowa this week.  We began in Florida early Monday morning and flew to Michigan to get a connecting flight to Iowa.  While in Detroit...

we dashed through this underground tunnel to get to our next plane,

... but no rushing necessary; our plane was found to have problems with the flaps (yeah, sorta need those) so we had a delay and then another delay, and then a gate change.  Eventually they found an airplane ready to fly for us to board.  After everyone was tucked in their seats we heard this announcement: "This plane is too heavy, some of you will have to get off." 
Yes, Michael and I, and our bags were part of the weight loss program for this airplane.  Back through the tunnel to wait for another plane.  No stress though, we enjoyed the sights while waiting.

This fountain was a delight to children and adults alike (like me!) who had to stop or at least watch it while they passed this way to their gate.

We also watched these birds fly around, entertaining everyone in the area...

...listened to music and enjoyed each other's company...

and finally boarded another airplane. Sometime into the flight we hear this announcement: "We are having mechanical problems and will be landing in Moline."  Moline just happens to be in Illinois.  Thank the Lord we landed safely after three generators quit working on the airplane and the pilot was directed to land at the nearest airport. 

Not much to see in this small airport which was closed down for the night.
There was another working airplane parked on the tarmac, so-- not too much time passed before that plane was checked over by the pilot, and we all jumped in - bound for Iowa.

This is the lovely scene that greeted us late Monday night at our final destination. Yay!!

The purpose for our little journey this week was to attend the Team North America Conference for missionaries serving in BMM in Canada and the United States. 
This includes Church planters across our land, including the reservations for American Indians, in Jewish communities, Mormon populations, Inner-Cities, and Spanish-speaking areas. It also includes us missionaries who are serving on the universities in America.

The fellowship among missionaries, music shared by missionaries and their children, workshops, and the preaching was very special.

Ladies workshop
Missionaries to the American Indians, Canadian Indians, and Mormons make beautiful music together in a free-time.
Michael holding business item in front of web cam for a missionary who could not come because of health reasons.
Hanging out with a favorite missionary-kid!
Joe will be retiring later this year; he has been faithfully serving on a campus in Ohio among the international students there.  We will miss him greatly.  But... here is our newest addition to Campus Bible Fellowship:
Elijah and his family will be going to Virginia Tech to serve in CBF on that needy campus.

After a very busy week, we left for home and had a stop in Minnesota... Since we showed just about every other airport this week, you might as well enjoy this cool airplane in Minneapolis.

If you have read this far, we would like to thank you for keeping up with our ministry and praying for us.  While we were gone this week, we had our 1,000th person this year visit our blog.  Our site meter indicates they were from the Fresno/Visaila, California area.  If that was you, drop us a personal note. We love to hear from all of you, so feel free to leave a comment and say hello to us; Some of you we've never met and we would like to know more about your life too.

Mike and Sharon


  1. The conference sounds very encouraging, well worth the adventure of the trip!

  2. Hi,
    I am not the person in Fresno, CA but I just found our blog today, I like it when people comment on my blog as well!

    I am a fellow <>< hoping to go to the Middle East after an exciting 1 wk trip to Turkey last June. I would enjoy teaching ESL or helping a missionary family there. Or maybe in South America or Europe or Africa! I do not know at this point in time, but I am looking for God's guidance and leading in my life. :-)

    Your daughter (Our favorite MK) :-) looks bout the same age as I am.

    Joyfully HIS,
    Elizabeth Joy
    ><> 1 Peter 1:4-9 <><

    I have already added you to my link list on
    my photography/writing blog !!

  3. What a neat blog! Thanks for sharing your photos. So neat!

  4. Those colored lights look neat at the airport!


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