Monday, August 30

Seen On Campus

Students smoking a hookah pipe

It is a little difficult to see in this photo, but the pipe is behind the yellow pole.  Connected to it are three or four hoses to put in one's mouth to inhale the smoke. The boy in the white T-shirt set it up and placed the sign "Anyone Welcome" on his backpack. Students walking by stop, sit, smoke for a while, and then go their way.  The hookah pipe is usually associated with middle eastern countries such as Turkey, Arabia, other countries such as India and Egypt, but it is used in many other countries and gaining popularity in the U.S. 

Perhaps you'd rather not see a post about such things on our blog; we don't enjoy seeing such things on campus either. In fact, much of what we see grieves our hearts.  Pretending these things don't exist in our world though, only drives us further from these precious souls that need Jesus.

Souls like these that chose to come to Bible study today.

Girls from Colombia and Haiti

Please pray for the students at Florida International University.
Mike and Sharon

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  1. I cannot begin to tell you just how much this breaks my heart. Simply breaks my heart. I had never heard of it until just recently through a conversation with my sister and as you said it seems to be gaining popularity here in the States and for that I am sadden.

    Happy week to you.




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