Friday, August 20

This Week in Pictures

Classes begin on Monday and the students have been arriving, shopping, and preparing to jump into their big schedules for the semester. You can feel the school-fever in the air. We made some time this week to focus on some "little" things before we get sucked up into the throng of students.
Andrea (Peru) spent a day with us to give us a personal update of her summer.  Andrea is majoring in Economics and preparing to enter the U.S. military. We had sweet fellowship together over lunch.

Meeting with Dale, my Jewish friend, for her Bible study this week in the nursing home was a great joy for me. She wants to know more about forgiveness.

Kezia (Iowa) and her mom arrived and stayed with us for a few days so that Kezia could get set up and settled in for her first year of grad school in linguistics.

Shopping was on her to-do list since she flew to Miami.

Getting these tennies made her day!

The dorms have been an active place as everyone gets settled and finds out who their roommates will be.

Apparently our resident, campus ducks were hoping for a room as well.

Michael and I made time for our evening walk and saw many delightful things such as this snail.

I had to get some dental work done (no pictures of that!) and also found a day to spend with Wen. She had her heart set on cooking us some Chinese food and playing table games.  She asked me, "Which game could I play to beat Mike?  :)

She didn't win, but had a great time trying.  Wen (a Chemisty major) loved the time in the kitchen with me, and especially loved picking out which tools to use while she cooked.  We were tired but well-fed when the night was finished.



  1. We always think of y'all at this time of the year! Let the excitement begin!! Praying, too!

  2. Thank you for the summary of your busy week. I love looking closely at all your pictures!

  3. Lovely blog.I've really enjoyed looking around, and really loved the pictues.Also liked those yellow sneakers.
    Have a Blessed day


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