Thursday, August 26

Why We Are Here

Each day on campus is a vivid reminder of our purpose for being here.
For students-- walking with no real direction in life.

For the hungry-- who need the Bread of Life.

For the thinkers--

-- who are are not taught to think but rather accept the trend of the day.

For the faculty and staff-- who don't know the way.

For those who do know Jesus-- but as freshmen beginning classes this week will face untold attacks on their faith in the coming days.

For those who have recently put their faith in God -- so they can go home and tell their families.

We come... and stay, for the blind, lost, and hopeless,
remembering that we too were once blind, lost, and hopeless.



  1. The field is white unto harvest! You are very hard working farmers!

  2. Good, encouraging post! We gave out gospel booklets to 17 yr old girls attending "RUSH" at a nearby college this year. So sad to see them out at the fraternities, trying to get into one of them for next school year. And being out of the protection of their parents for the next 4 years, once they start college. :-(
    That was not part of God's plan! He designed the family unit for a reason!

    Praying for many "fish" (souls of men) to be caught this school year! :-)


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