Friday, September 3

Breakfast In Miami

This morning Michael and I had a breakfast date/adventure.  We ventured out on this lovely day in Miami to Latin American Restaurant #2.

It was a date because I had planned it ahead of time; an adventure because no one speaks our language in the restaurant. 

I had heard the breakfast special was decent food and excellent price in this expensive city so I employed the help of one of our Cuban girls.  She wrote down what I wanted to order on a slip of paper ... in Spanish. :)  Good success!

I knew Michael would want cafe` con leche, a strong Cuban coffee with frothy, warmed milk.

Ahhh-  food is a universal language.

They also served us each a basket of delicious Cuban bread.

On the way home we had a rip-roaring, tropical downpour that produced much water in a matter of just a few minutes.  Some streets were literal rivers, though carefully driving through them sounded more like waves at the beach, slapping up against our tires. The street, sidewalks, and beyond got a tropical bath.

The Lord saw us safely home past two accidents and through many puddles.

Rosie, my Canadian neighbor recently gave me a shoot off of her Dragon Flower plant.  It had a bud on it but I thought in the transplanting of it there would be little chance for it to bloom;  I was wrong.
I'll try to get more pictures as this amazing plant grows out on my lanai. While it looks like a cactus, the 'spines' are not sharp at all. I think it is in the milkweed family.

Come visit us here in Miami and you can sit on my lanai, enjoy the flowers, and a cup of Cuban coffee.
All are welcome!

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  1. I would love to come visit you!! If only. . .


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