Wednesday, September 15

Campus Happenings

Our Bible studies have gone well this week; we have had many opportunities to share the Truth with students as well as faculty. 
Tuesday night we discovered that we had no meeting place for our group Bible study. Other events (such as Sorority Rush week) had claimed all the rooms.  Finally we found a place and tried to text everyone of the change.  These four came and shared our time of study and fellowship with us.  What a blessing to see these students ignore all the other offerings and events on campus, set aside their homework and studies, and come to Bible study.

Today was Organic Market day.  We are still learning about this event, but know that a variety of foods are made available for the students to purchase. It was my first time to actually take a peek at what was for sale.  I will have to do some more investigation in the weeks ahead.
(I tried to clean up the picture a bit, but the high humidity today still makes the photos look a little misty.)

Can you identify all these foods?

The coconuts are local of course and were being sold for the coconut water inside - $2.00 per coconut.  Coconut water (not to be confused with coconut milk) is very refreshing.
Some of the items in the last picture include fruits that can all be grown locally such as avocados, love apples, star fruit, bananas, and lychee.
The boy in the foreground is making 'organic' sushi.

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  1. Mmmm, I would like a refreshing drink of coconut water, please!


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