Monday, September 20

Club Fair

FIU currently has 200 student organizations on campus, otherwise known as clubs.  Club Fair was held today to help students learn what student organizations are available for them. 

The tables were set up in the campus Ballroom.

Besides information about Campus Bible Fellowship we had an interactive Gospel tract on the table where readers were asked to hold their thumb on a reflective metal patch on the card.  If you are a "good person" the card claims the square would turn bright green. Naturally, it did not.  When the reader turns the card over they learn that they are just like the rest of us. . . missing the mark of God's standard, and then, how to obtain His righteousness.

The responses were interesting and often lead to further conversation.

Club Fair is just one more way to meet these special (but "not good") students, invite them to Bible studies, and share the Name of Jesus. We are so grateful for this opportunity to meet and speak with students who stopped by our table.

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  1. I pray that lots of fruit results from the seeds that were sown at the club fair!


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