Saturday, September 4

A Day With the Girls

Spent the day with two of our girls -- shopping!  (We wanted to help celebrate Kezia's birthday in true girl-style.)  Besides finding a few good bargains along the way, she chose dinner at a Chinese restaurant to complete the day away from campus.  Having Wen with us only made the event more memorable with expert explanations of the food, more education in Chinese culture, and lots and lots of laughter.
When we left the restaurant, Michael teasingly told the girls, "The man at the cash register asked me if we were traveling. I told him, 'Yes... taking the girls to Disney Land. One is ours and the other is adopted.'"  (more giggles and laughter)
Both girls are grad students (Chemistry and Linguistics) and have much with to enrich our lives. We thank God for these two sweet girls He has placed in our CBF family.


  1. Cute! Look at those smiles! I can see where someone would believe Mike in his comment.

  2. Two sweet daughters!


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