Wednesday, September 8

Places Needed

Part of our ministry at FIU includes teaching the Bible to students who cannot come to the main Bibles studies we have on campus, or are too afraid to ask questions publicly, or have language issues and need slow, patient teaching in a private setting. 

Already this year we have had several requests for individual Bible teaching. Finding a spot to do that can be a challenge. We have been told that the student population here at FIU jumped to 45,000 students this year- 5,000 more than last year. Though new buildings have been built it is a daily challenge to find a place to meet with students for Bible studies. Some of our favorite places are indoors and out of the heat and a place where it isn't too noisy, but that isn't always possible.

teaching in the atrium above the food court

sharing Christ in the coffee shop

teaching outside

When you pray for us, ask God for places to share His name with these students we love so much.


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  1. I will pray that the Lord who controls everything will lead you to available places to teach, just at the times you need them.


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