Saturday, September 25

Ladies Conference

Seven of our sweet girls attended the Ladies Conference with me this year.  What a joy to have them sit with me around the Word as we listened to Carol Trahan share precious truths from the Scriptures. 
I was so grateful that these girls set aside their studies for a day and a half to be challenged and encouraged from our Great God.
Along with ninety other women we enjoyed physical nourishment as well.

The desserts proved to be an exciting moment for my newest daughter-in-Christ who is still experiencing many "firsts" here in America.
The music was so focused on Jesus and we loved to hear the Latin Ladies sing praises in their native language.
Making new friends was special for my girls.
And the fellowship was delightful.

We "camped out" and had many late hours to talk of what we had heard in the conference -- but not too many hours for sleeping. :)
I loved seeing my girls write notes furiously and listen intently to God's Word.
Through Carol's testimony we learned how Mighty our God is; we were exhorted to be broken over our sin, cultivate a proper view of God and strengthened in battling discouragement in our daily walk with Jesus.
Hated to see this year's conference end, but we left with many spiritual blessings.

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  1. I'm so glad that you and the girls with you could be encouraged this way!


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