Saturday, October 2


Earlier this week we left Miami (in 91 degrees) to journey to Clearwater, Florida.

We had been invited to share in the mission conference of Clearwater Christian College again this year.

The campus was awash with lovely flowering trees and bushes, 

and incredible Spanish Moss hanging from the trees. 
The campus was also buzzing with students such as Miriam, a music major I met after classes one afternoon. She was a sweet young lady who asked several questions about our ministry at FIU. I could  have talked to Miriam all day. 
 Michael got to share the Word in the guys dorm devotions one evening and in the Church History class Thursday morning.

It was a special joy to visit with many students who came by the Campus Bible Fellowship table between their classes and after lunch each day. We made many new friends.

Sitting in chapel with the students each day where we heard good teaching from the Word and encouragement from other missionaries was a great blessing as well.

Clearwater Christian College is right next to the Bay and gave us amazing view of the sunset each evening.

The awesome beauty was another special reminder of how special it is to serve the Almighty God.



  1. Beautiful photos, Sharon! Hopefully, some of the college students will sense the Lord's call to missions, specifically campus ministry.

  2. Those photos of the sunset are absolutely gorgeous!

    May God continue to bless your ministry Sharon, for His Word's sake... amen.


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