Thursday, October 21

Mission Conference

While we were in Georgia recently, we had the joy of sharing in the missions conference in our sending church.  What a treat to see old friends, meet new families, and share our ministry there!  Some of our highlights while there are featured in the photos below.  We tried to keep them to a minimum, but honestly, the joy of being with and serving the Body of Christ is far too special to limit it to just three or four photos.

The Pre-school choir sings missions songs for Jesus.

The children also got involved decorating their classroom doors with the conference theme: Making a World of Difference.  This door represents Ecuador.




One evening, dear friends of ours traveled all the way from North Carolina to bless us and the church with their musical gifts.

The Neelys are a huge blessing to us as individuals and as a family.  Our time with them was far too short. (Click on the link in our side bar to visit their site and order some of their music.)

The Ladies Brunch was another special blessing of the conference.

It was an honor to share my ministry God has given me with the college girls with these dear sisters in Christ.

More than 40 ladies and girls tucked themselves into the lovely home of one of our former FIU students who now lives in Georgia.  She was a gracious host; her desire to use her home for God was a blessing.

Another evening, the young people gathered to hear some great preaching.

We then took a break around pizza and fellowship.

Michael and I organized a mission game where each person, given one half of a piece of paper, had to find their match.  Then those two had to find the other matches to create a 'team' for a 'mission trip'.  They had to look for the name of the country, the flag of that country, the outline of the country, and the name of the missionary in that country the church supports.  When they had their 'team' assembled they had to find the flag station of their country and answer questions related to missions.  More than 90 participated.

I was holding the flag for France.  Here is my team... who got first place. :)

Later they gathered to share ideas for praying for and encouraging missionaries.

Then they put the name of their missionary on the map.

Thank the Lord for young people, children, and adults alike who sacrifice so that missionaries like us can give full attention to those in need of Jesus. Being back on campus this week has been a little sweeter knowing so many back home are praying for us.

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  1. That is really special that you got to be at your sending church's conference! It sounds and looks like a great church!


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