Sunday, November 21

Hints of Autumn

Sunny and eighty-one degrees today, until we received a brief rain shower and dropped to seventy-five.

So... what do you do in the sub-tropics to remember that Thanksgiving will be here in four days days? Listening to the weather report for the rest of the nation is one idea, but we do find a few other hints of autumn around here to nudge us into the holiday mode.  Grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving celebration also helps to put us in the mind of autumn.

And I actually found a few dead leaves today, though there were no glorious reds, yellows, or oranges in the process.

Even the palms "go brown" from time to time, but this happens periodically and not just in autumn.
Today we experienced another fun reminder as we shared in fellowship around our annual Thanksgiving lunch with Wen and our church family.

Wen saw these dolls at the lunch and wanted to know if they were nurses. (They were one of those helpful hints of autumn for us.)

We have many such moments of instructions when we are with our international students but especially love the Thanksgiving time where we can share our home and love with them, while building relationships for God's glory. 

We will give you an update of our autumn celebrations later this week.  Until then, for all of you experiencing the cold and snow today, be warmed by autumn in Miami.

(Watch the birds dance with the water as they scurry for food.)


  1. That's us experiencing the cold of winter. It was around 37 today here in our Seattle area, with a couple hours of snow showers, a bit that stuck around and powered my beautiful red maple leaves with white. The temp. will fall into the mid 20's or so tonight.
    Happy autumn in Miami! You lucky people!
    Love you both,
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful, peaceful video, Sharon! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!


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