Friday, November 26

Thanksgiving Joys

We love all the beauty and traditions associated with the Fall season but while living in the subtropics, Fall seems to not exist: no leaf changes, no crisp air, no hot cocoa, no hay rides, or the sights, smells, and activities surrounding harvest time.
Though sometimes we miss these signs of Fall, God has given us our own heralding of Fall-- our Thanksgiving dinner with university students who have no place to go on that day. We can never invite them all, but having our table circled with students who are new to America, don’t understand the meaning of Thanksgiving, have never tasted traditional Thanksgiving foods, nor have ever been in an American home is a privilege.

For us, Fall has become to mean a very special day of sharing Christ's love through the hospitality of our home with those who have never heard of Him or what He has given.

We have our own traditions for this day, such as taking a family picture.
Getting the table ready for our kids is another fun tradition.  This year I wrote a personal note to each one in their name card, telling them why we are thankful for them.

Before we eat, Michael spends some time to explain what Thanksgiving is and why we celebrate it in America.  He uses part of Bill Perry's narrative in American Holidays to give them an overview of the history revolving around the holiday. This year he added a brief power point to illustrate such things as pilgrim, Mayflower, Samoset, and George Washington.

The talk around the table is delightful and always gets to the subject of Christmas eventually.

The girls love to help, learning new things in the kitchen such as how to use the dishwasher, inspecting my kitchen tools, or investigating the photos on the refrigerator.

Teaching them table games as we unwind after dinner is another tradition that reveals many things about our kids.

Thumbing through photo albums seems to be a favored tradition that gives them a peek into our own lives.

Blueberry crumble pie and my pumpkin cheesecake were on the menu this year.  My girls were totally amazed to watch me 'make' whipped cream.  Everybody took a plate of food home for the next day... including dessert. 
(check here for pie recipe) Cheesecake recipe posted soon.]

Later in the day we checked in with part of Michael's family on Skype.  We were able to get four locations on at once... and yes they all talked at once. :)  Not counting those at our house, we visited with 26 different family members. 

One of our girls (an only child) was a little overwhelmed with who was who on the screen and crashed out on the couch for a while. 
What could be more fun than spending the day with our kids?!!


  1. You obviously had a blessed Thanksgiving celebration. It makes no difference that you don't have autumnal weather outside. Your hearts are what matters, not your surroundings! We are having our first snow today, Dec. 1st. It is cold outside, but our hearts are warm with the Love of Christ!

  2. Mike and Sharon,
    Your ministry is so neat to see and read about! I really like how you added the personal touch to the dinner by writing them a note beforehand. I also am a big fan of the pamphlet you gave them on their plates! :)


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