Saturday, December 11

Christmas Fellowship

Christmas celebration with our CBF Family often means a quiet dinner together, some exchange of simple gifts, a challenge from the Word, and neighborhood Christmas caroling among Latin people who have never seen/heard/experienced it.

One hurdle after another while planning our CBF Christmas Fellowship this year landed us in final exam week... Not the best of solutions, so we opted for a low-key night with finger foods and some games to give them an opportunity to set aside their intense studies for a spell and time to fellowship with one another.

Add some very smart students with a little free food and some goofy games and look what you get:

These two boys are new in our family and we are just getting to know them.

 We actually did have some nutritious food beside Christmas sweets!

Winter Bark with peanuts (soon to be on my recipe blog); Not a bite remained at the end of the evening.

Michael instructed the students before each group game; they were very good listeners.

Once they learned that for this game they had to jump up and change seats at crucial moments, these two guys tried to block Little Jess from getting up.  All she did was smile sweetly.

Here is the classic memory game with Christmas items.

Thinking quite hard to write them all down.

 No one got them all but one of our first-time visitors (in the dark jacket) tied with another CBF student (young lady in the white jacket) for a great gift.

We also had several other games available for the students to take their mind off exams. Giselle tries her hand at Jenga-- and was quite good.

Periodically during the night we pulled names out of a basket and gave small gifts to our kids. This young lady received a bag of chocolate kisses and a gift card.

'Chuck' received a manly-looking mug stuffed with coffee, candy, and the ever-needed highlighters for his textbooks. 

Another delightful game was having to unwrap this gift with a winter scarf on and gloves on their hands.

While doing this, the others in the circle would roll colored cubes to see if they could get a red and green.  Whoever did, the one unwrapping the gift had to stop  unwrapping and give the winter clothes to the next person.

Then they would have opportunity to try to get the Christmas wrap off the box.  We had it wrapped with nine or ten layers of paper.

The girls were a flurry of activity; some of the guys (especially the engineers) were more calm and methodical. 

Tossing the colored cubes was just about exciting as watching the un-wrapper.

Doing the switch.

Ye reached the final layer of wrapping paper.

She was able to get into the box and retrieve the gift before anyone else rolled red and green on the cubes.  She was the proud winner of an iTunes gift card. :)

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