Tuesday, December 28


While we received several gifts recently, we had much joy in giving this Christmas.  We especially enjoyed sharing Christmas day with two of our girls.

'X' and 'Y' are two precious girls who are studying a business major but I suspect deep down have a heart for the home.  They asked if I would teach them how to cook something, were fascinated with many aspects of our home, and asked me many heart-to-heart questions and explored topics on their mind.  Most delightful to me was the opportunity afforded to share truth from the Word with them as we had these delightful conversations. 

One of the girls is a baby believer and the other is heavily considering the claims of Christ and how they affect her life. Some of their thoughts during the day included these statements: "I do believe God exists, but I do not know if the whole Bible is true", "How will I know who is the right man to marry?", and "I don't understand the verse on your bathroom wall, can you tell me?" 

Giving in this way was something we could do and brought us great joy to introduce many new things to them.

First-ever Christmas stocking

Learning how to bake an apple pie

Receiving their music/jewelry boxes.  Each box played a different hymn.

  Learning how to make Stuffed Eggs.
X and Y had never seen or eaten them before.  When I took all the yolks out to prepare the filling the girls were surprised and thought it would not be used.  When I showed them how to stuff the eggs with the filling X said, "Oh, we are going to give it back!"

Making greeting cards for the first time

With most of our kids scattered around the world at this time, it was a joy to have two of them with us for the memory-making of their first Christmas they had ever celebrated.

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  1. They are absolutely precious girls! What a delight for you to be able to shower them with love, gifts, time, and truth!


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