Sunday, December 5


It's time for the annual Christmas Tea and all the sweet things that brings to my ministry with my girls. 

I usually host a table, decorate it, and fill it with seven girls besides me, but this year God has brought so many girls into my life that I couldn't choose just seven. So. . . I decorated two tables and invited fifteen girls to join me for tea.

My sister-in-law painted some photo cubes for me as a small gift for each girl.  I inserted their name in one edge so they would know where to sit and wrote a verse on the back of each card.

What a joy to have them spend the morning with me, meet other Christian women, try new foods, listen to beautiful Christmas carols, and hear of the meaning of Christmas-- some for the very first time.

This is 'Y'. (name blurred on purpose) The sweetness and peace on her face since she was saved a few weeks ago is highly recognizable.

Four of my Latin girls from the Sorority Bible study I lead were able to come.

Truly, it was not cold, but the 69 degree weather was too cold for some and too tempting for others who love a sweater.  Last week it was in the 80's, so it just seemed chilly for them.

The photo cubes were well-received by all.

X__ was pleased to announce to me that she was born in the year of the rabbit.  :) (Yes that is a carrot on a toothpick.)

Beautiful Jade and Lu are two of my new friends.
Wen, 'Y' and Ye

Pray for continued opportunity for me to invest in the lives of each girl.  They are so precious!


  1. What fun it looks like everyone had!

    You have won the Christmas tree ornament, I just need your mailing address. You can send it to Ahmunck @ bellsouth . net

    Hope you have a blessed week!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics, I am glad you had so many girls attend. I am glad they enjoyed the photo cubes. It is always a pleasure to be a small part of your ministry.

    Love, Sister1

  3. What a delightful event, and what sweet girls!


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