Monday, January 24

One More Adventure

Can you tell what our latest Miami adventure was?

A gift emu egg...
Emus only lay eggs for a few months in the winter/spring time and, as you can see, the eggs are very large.
Michael drilled small holes in the ends to extract (well-- blow out, to be more specific) the yolk and white.  The shells are sought after for crafts, such as painting and carving.
We ate the egg.
I used part of the egg in a frittata (recipe here).  Since an emu egg is the equivalent of 8-10 hen eggs, we will have more delight in the egg for other recipes.
Never a boring moment on this mission field!


  1. I found this eggstremely interesting! :)

  2. Looks eggciting!! ;) I didn't know that emu eggs are dark colored. I thought it was a big avacado at first! haha Maybe we should get some emus - it would be a lot faster to make scrambled eggs for our family!! LOL


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