Friday, January 14


Look who turned eighty-eight!
My sweet neighbor Rosie, just celebrated another birthday but doesn't show too many signs of slowing down.  Rosie still drives all over Miami, teaches swimming lessons each summer, loves to visit her eleven children, often gets up at five in the morning to get going about her day, and loves to garden.
Her 'garden' is limited to a small lanai but she has it packed with beautiful flowering plants and even tomatoes. She cares for, ponders over, and talks much about her plants. 

This is just one of hundreds of blooms on her Christmas Cactus right now.

We often visit together... when she is home, and talk of her life and times.  Rosie was born in Canada and moved to Miami as a small girl.  She is one of the few people I have met here who does not speak Spanish. Rosie remembers painfully well, living through the Depression but praises her mother for making lovely dresses out of flour sacks.
She also is very confused about her need of salvation.  Pray for Rosie-- and that I can better explain to her the meaning of faith in Jesus Christ.
Though her feet don't stay still for long, Rosie and I had a lovely visit together.
I pray God will open her understanding of who He is and what that means for her.


  1. Rosie is a cute lady, with lots of interesting stories to tell. I will pray that she accepts the Lord into her life before it is too late.

  2. Hello Dear Sharon,

    Rosie sure has a sweet smile. I hope to have this much energy at her age. I too will pray that Rosie comes to know the Lord soon.

    Lovely post Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing.




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