Saturday, February 26

A Promise You Can Count On

We have been away for a spell, serving family members who lost a loved one in death.  We traveled to cold-country were the trees are still barren and snow is still dusting the winter ground. 

The gray skies matched some of the sadness we witnessed and that often is demonstrated by those who have not embraced the promise of the One who offers resurrection and life.  Watching people who cling to a false hope, or have no hope at all, put me in mind of a sign I saw recently in our mall-

             ... so is it forever or not?
The signs of Spring on our journey home were a vivid reminder of just how sure the promise of God is.

As certain as the trees will burst forth in bloom in their proper time, for those who've put their faith in Jesus Christ alone have a sure promise-- one you can count on: "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." (John 11:25)

Rejoice in the coming Spring! Rejoice in the promise of God!

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  1. Hello Dear Sharon,

    It saddens my heart to see so many of my loved ones trying to live their lives without the "Giver Of Life", our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. They struggle and struggle trying to do it themselves...oh my if they would just taste and see how good God is and just how much He loves them.

    God's promises are certainly something we can count on...He makes life simply beautiful. Continue to enjoy a lovely week, and so happy you are enjoying the jewelry.:o)




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