Thursday, February 3


As we were leaving campus late last night we passed this building with many hanging flags reminding us of just who God has brought to us to reach... the world!  Yesterday alone we closely interacted with those from America, Cuba, Colombia, China, Palestine, Haiti, Brazil, and other parts of the world.

In the tall building on the right I met with a girl for a private Bible study-- something that I have been doing for many months.  J__ has been searching deeply the claims of God and has struggled through many things she has read or that I have told her.

God redeemed  J__  yesterday, a small girl from China who was ready to forsake the lies of her past and put her faith in the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  After she shared her desire with God in prayer she said, "God is amazing!"

We agree. :)

(J__ is too shy for a photo, but you will meet her in Heaven.)


  1. Thank you Sharon for leaving a "link" Thankl you as well for continuing to be His hands and feet!
    Grateful for you,

  2. Please tell J. that I am rejoicing that she is my sister in Christ!


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