Tuesday, February 1

We Remember

The day has been long-- many hours at FIU, having an absolute delightful time sharing the Word on campus.  Michael got to sit at the literature table for many hours in the busy part of the student union building where many came by to seek information about CBF, the Bible, and God.  One man, on campus for a business conference, stopped and expressed his gratitude that we were there on campus sharing the truth with these students.  Another man stopped by to ask if there is a Bible study available for staff and faculty.

In another building I had found a quiet place to teach three different girls individually, punctuated between their classes. From Cuba, Paraguay, and China, all three are young believers and hungry to know more of this new life in Christ.

The day was gorgeous with a breezy 75 degrees warming our backs in the February sunshine.  For all our Northern friends suffering in the cold, you might like to see proof that your chilly temperatures have seeped down to Miami enough to show signs of turning our grass brown...
okay, maybe just a little.  :)

As the big orange sun set over the buildings on campus, I almost missed the view but caught a glimpse of the mighty hand of God in the sky just before the sun dropped to light another part of the world.

We then turned our focus to the group Bible study. 
Tonight we had the joy of sharing with our kids the remembrance of what God did for us on this day so many years ago.  It is our annual Blizzard Day Celebration that Michael and I established after God protected and provided for us on a bitterly cold day in Iowa.  You can read the full account here to learn why we celebrate the memory of this day with ice cream and the re-telling of what God has done in our lives.

They loved the treat and loved hearing about God's amazing hand of mercy and love to us as newlyweds.

Making 'blizzards' was only half the fun; they really loved the fellowship too!

(Texting while eating ice cream cones is not the only amazing feat
college students can accomplish.)

Michael took them to Joshua 4 and taught them why we have chosen to remember this day in our lives-- to help us forgetful children of God remember all the marvelous things He has wrought for us.

As the fifteen of us gathered around a table on a balmy night in Florida to recount the goodness of God on a forty degrees below day in Iowa long ago, we can only say again, Praise God, our Father, who has done more than we could ever dream, more than our eyes can ever see, and more than our tongues could ever tell.

To GOD be the glory!

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