Monday, March 28

Farmers Market

Spring has turned into summer here-- if you go by the thermometer, but not yet too warm to visit a farmers market here in a beautiful (and little upscale) section of Miami.
There were a variety of vendors offering a wide array of tempting things to buy.
The produce was fresh and beautiful to look at. 

The onions made me raise my eyebrows; I had never seen such large onions.

Just a small portion of the spice vendor's table.
This brightly colored, waxy-looking Heliconia was very tempting to purchase. The vendor said it might do well on my little porch but we resisted the afordable price tag and went for something we could sink our teeth into...
We chose a large bunch of Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, and a portion of  Berbere Spice, a very, very hot blend of spices from Ethiopia.
 Apparently, it was very chic to bring your dog to the market; there were finely bred dogs everywhere we turned.  Most were well-behaved... and hoping for a treat from the "homemade doggie-treat vendor".
This sweet-pea tried several times to sit down to eat a snack near a large Bassett Hound while keeping her eyes glued on the dog. She did not know that it was safe, because he was on a leash, so she made a run for her life each time he moved her way.
Leaving the market area I caught this whimsical flamingo guarding a store.  The photo turned out to be very "Miami-ish" -
* the hot sun in the upper corner beating down on
* the ever-present palm trees around town,
* the guayabera store (traditional clothing for the Cubans),
* and the oranges adorning the back of the flamingo with
* a familiar tropical hibiscus bloom in the lower corner of the photo.

We hope you can come and experience Miami first-hand in this amazing place God has placed us to serve.

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  1. I love Farmers Markets, and this one is beautiful! Such abundance our Heavenly Father has supplied for us, so colorful so beautiful and delicious too!:o)




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