Friday, March 18

In the Garden

We promised you a photo review of our walk in Fairchild Tropical Garden this week.  To really enjoy a garden, it is a good idea to walk slowly and take in all the amazing beauty God has given to us here on earth...  so grab a cup of coffee or a tall lemonade and enjoy the walk.

a single banyan tree

a walk under the pergola was delightful
Golden Chalice
 one of the vines blooming on the pergola
the same vine from underneath
the jade vine

Michael's Mom rests near the Orange Plume Flowers
Orange Plume Flower
on this very large tree we spied some dark shapes way up on a branch;
with our zoom lens we saw these growths
a comorant rests on artwork in a pond
American Coots
the wishing tree had hundreds of wishes tied to strings hanging from its branches
wishes for a reunited family, a heart for a baby brother, peace,
and wishes written in various languages were found hanging on the tree
adding her wish

fallen fruit under the wishing tree
bananas growing just above its flower
trees from Madagascar

blown glass in a lily pond 
Michael 'visits' with book writer, Marjory Douglas. She is credited for saving the Florida Everglades.  Marjory passed away at 108 years.
Hope you enjoyed the walk!

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  1. I enjoyed this photo-walk very much! It was a beautiful and refreshing journey!


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