Tuesday, March 29

Tuesday With Our Kids

Today was a whirl-wind of delightful moments on campus, teaching and interacting with students at FIU.  We sat, walked, dashed, and circled about the campus throughout the day and were able to capture a few of those moments on film.
We had personal Bible studies with students and connected with several in the hallways as they walked to their classes.
Around lunch time, we stopped by the Japanese Student Club table as they raised money for loved ones in Japan.
This young lady is an exchange student.
They were making and selling cranes as part of their efforts.  The sign tells the belief of luck and hope will come as a result of making 1000 cranes.
My hope is in Jesus, but I sat with one student who taught me how to fold square sheets of pretty paper into a crane.  We talked of his life in Japan, his family, and his remaining few weeks here in America.  I was also able to give him an invitation to our Bible studies.
He was a good teacher; this is the crane I made.
A closer view of the lovely bird.
I was able to visit for a long time with this girl who will also have to return to Japan in four weeks.  She is nervous to go back and expressed her happiness being here in America.  The garland above her is a strand of cranes.
Later we had a meeting with some of our student leaders.
Mariella is our council representative and laison between the university and CBF.  She is from Germany.
This evening we met with some of our kids for group Bible study.
Our focus tonight was Japan.  The pastor of one of our supporting churches has a deep burden for Japan and is actively helping the Japanese people, especially in their spiritual need. He spoke with us via Skype and shared some special things God is doing through the suffering the people are currently experiencing in their loss, destruction, and needs because of the earthquake and tsunami.
He also challenged the students to consider making Japan a permanent 'fixture' in our student organization, particularly through praying for that country.  Please visit this site to learn more how you can make an impact for Christ in Japan.

No Bible study night would be complete without hanging out with the students afterwards for conversation, counsel, listening, or praying with our CBF family.  Mike's Mom (right) is good at it too.  We love having her here, sharing personally in our ministry.


  1. Why, there's Pastor Randy! We share his deep burden for Japan!

  2. Thank you Laura! Each one can make a difference for Japan.

  3. Hello Sharon,

    Sounds like a beautiful day you had there on the campus. How I wish I could join you for a fun campus day.:o)

    Our hearts have been indeed heavy for the beautiful people of Japan. My prayers are certainly with them. What lovely cranes the students made, and yours is beautiful! I love paper folding and have always wanted to learn how to make the crane. Have you thought of a little tutorial on your blog.:o)

    You and your husband enjoy a beautiful rest of the week and a lovely weekend.:o)




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