Wednesday, March 16

Visiting With Family

This week we have had the joy of spending time with family-- CBF family and genetic family  :)
One of our CBF boys graduated a couple of years ago and is receiving further training at a Christian college. He was in Florida for a few days and spent some time with us.
He told us how important Campus Bible Fellowship was to him while he was studying at FIU, especially since at CBF we were serious about studying the Bible.  It was a special pleasure to listen to him share what God is now doing in his life as he matures in Christ.

Michael's Mom is also visiting with us now and has been a big help to us on and off campus.  She cooked some great shrimp and pasta the other night... (check here for the recipe).
We had a great time with her today in the local botanic garden, walking among the flowers, sharing a picnic lunch, and visiting together.
Check in again soon for a full review of the beautiful foilage and animals we saw in the garden. You will be glad you did!

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  1. Michael's mom's recipe for shrimp and pasta sounds yummy!


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