Wednesday, April 13


We spent a large amount of time on campus yesterday (eleven hours) and saw a large amount of interesting things... such as this large wall beginning to be covered by ivy.
A large aquarium sits inside one building near the food court with beautiful sea life inside.
You can see past the fish and through to the other side where students eat their meals.
 One large fish...
 and some large coral and sea plants.
 We also spied a large cow on campus.
 who was gracious to pose with Michael-- or was it Michael posing with the cow??  :)
We saw this large tree, blooming with thousands of bright green leaves.
We saw students who had a large goal-- biking all night to raise money for an organization fighting carbon monoxide poisoning.
And met for Bible study with some students with a large heart for God.

 Our hearts are large with gratitude to God for allowing us to serve Him in this place.

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  1. Chick-fil-a---my favorite "fast food" place!


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