Saturday, April 30

Officially Finished

As of today, this semester and academic school year is now complete; graduation will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone is tired (including us) but God gave us a special treat to cap off our semester.  In Miami for business, sweet friends from Georgia asked us to join them for dinner this evening. What a pleasant surprise!

We ventured down to Miami Beach to eat at Joe's Stone Crab, a restaurant that is 98 years old.  They certainly know their business.  It was our first time to eat stone crab, liked it very much, and learned a lot along the way.  The crabs are taken from the water just down the road where the sand meets the beautiful ocean; the crabs are not killed.  After being caught, only one claw is removed before they are released to regrow their claw.  One claw can weigh up to one half pound.

It was a joy to fellowship with friends and enjoy the beauty of the evening together.

We get a rest in the coming week and then the summer semester will begin May 9. For tonight though, it was just a nice break to enjoy the sights around town.


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  1. Hi Sharon~

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