Tuesday, April 26

Procrastination Station

What are these students doing???

Well... they were studying until we came along. 
It is final exam week and time to quit procrastinating.  It is time for Campus Bible Fellowship to be a blessing to the students as they spend major hours in study, review, and putting the final touches on their projects.  It's time for the Procrastination Station!

Free coffee, lemonade, and snacks are put out on a table in one of the heavy study zones and the sign is put up that announces 'free snacks' for students.

It doesn't take long and the line forms with eager takers who need an extra push to get them through the night.

These cookies didn't last long! As I was walking around, giving them to some boys, one said, "Homemade food is the best!"  His study pal asked, "These are homemade??"  I replied, Yes- made just for you."  He couldn't believe it.  His friend added, "That's why I live with my grandma!"

We love to visit with them to find out what their major is, what exam they are cramming for, and generally building new relationships.

We had a family from a local church come to help us; it was their first time and it looks like they enjoyed themselves.
Most of these students are in transportation, construction or engineering fields.  Some are graduating soon and told us their concerns of finding work.

They ate, visited, read our literature, thanked us... and then returned to their spot to stick their nose in a book.


These guys got to giggling after they helped their classmate put sugar into his coffee when they realized they had emptied about seven or eight packets into one cup.  Hmmm... perhaps sleep deprived boys can giggle just as much as the girls. 

Until next time-- the students thanked us and we thank you for supporting our ministry with our students.


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