Saturday, April 16

Truth or Illusion?

We commonly hear students say such things as: 'You really can't know truth' or 'That's true for you, but not for me', or 'Truth changes'.  With a constant need for teaching and reinforcing the Truth of God's Word to them, we accepted the offer of one of our supporting churches to send us a young man to serve with us for a day on campus.
Matt Adams is a professional illusionist from Alabama who gave of his time and resources to share Truth with our students while using illusion and slight-of-hand demonstrations.  While it was clear to us that his illusions were just that-- and not truth, it was interesting to see how easily deceived the students were.  It was another clear reminder that our primary purpose for being at FIU is to warn those whom Satan is constantly and actively seeking ways to blind their minds from the glorious Truth of the Gospel.
Matt was able to interact one-on-one with his illusions and share the Gospel with them individually, through tracts, and in a group setting.  His presence also gave us added opportunity to meet new students and have significant conversations with them as well.  Our experience is that it often takes many months to build relationships on campus before a person trusts the Lord, so we look forward to what fruit God will bring from this in the future.

Matt talked with many students outside.

 We were able to pass out tracts, and invitations to the inside demonstration held later in the day.

 The young lady in blue volunteered her services...
 ... and got a fake spider placed on the back of her hand without even knowing Matt put it there. (See the dark spot underneath her right hand?)
 Matt tells her to turn her hands over...
 ... and she is in total surprise of what she sees!
 Others interacted with him in the illusion demonstrations inside, later in the day.

 Interlocking rings
 Being tied up in the straight jacket.
Escaping from the jacket. (He did it!)

 The floating table.
 A young lady helps him but doesn't understand how she is doing it either.  She peeked underneath too, but found no answer.
 Praying with the students after he shared the real Truth.
 Matt also graciously went to an office where I have been sharing Christ with some employees for several years to demonstrate some illusions to them.
 Each one got involved,
 and each one was in shock.

 Matt gave each woman a neat Gospel tract before he left.  May God get the glory.
Thank you Matt!
Mike and Sharon

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  1. Wow! This was a really great way to reach out to the students and engage them in learning what TRUTH really is!


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