Sunday, April 10

Weekend Views

We spent the weekend enjoying a day away from campus, but couldn't leave our kids behind.  :)  We all enjoyed Wen's visit with us Saturday and Sunday.  Her happy spirit is a joy to watch as she grows in Christ.  She also enjoyed fellowship with Michael's Mom who is still here with us.

Wen had never experienced waffles, so we included her in our Saturday morning tradition.  The final vote??  Wen loves waffles!
We also spent many hours in the kitchen teaching her how to make various foods, including granola.

We poked our noses outside before it got to hot and spied these flowers near our home.

This duck looked like he was enjoying the weekend as well-- can you see his smile?

The evening shadows darkened the palms as the sunset spread across the sky.

But a closer look tells us the coconuts are getting bigger every day.

These with smooth trunks are called royal palms and do not bear coconuts.
Have a happy week!

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  1. Michael's mom and Wen both radiate the joy of the Lord in their faces! :)


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