Thursday, May 26

A Helpful Blessing

This week we had to say good-bye to Charlotte (Michael's Mother) who has been staying with us for the past three months.  It is always a blessing when she visits as she becomes part of our ministry team while she is here.  Sometimes she comes to campus with us and visits with our students; she loves to talk with them after Bible study; she interacts with the kids we bring to church; helps build our relationship with our elderly Catholic neighbor, and is also a big help around the house.

We love all of our supporters who find so many ways to share in our ministry.  It isn't just those who give of their resources to us that we count as ministry partners.  Those who pray, write notes, share ideas, or come to help us physically are all a huge blessing to us and our CBF family.  Thank you Charlotte, and all of you who invest in this amazing mission field!


  1. Charlotte is so beautiful, both in her outward person and in her inner beauty, which shines from her face! And she raised a wonderful, godly son!

  2. Hello Sharon,

    What a beautiful smile Charlotte has and can imagine just how much you have enjoyed her.

    As I was reading your post, I thought of how wonderful it would be to join you for a day on campus. I know I would be blessed to pieces!:o)

    Happy weekend to you and your husband.




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