Saturday, May 14

Worth It

This week was the first group Bible study for the summer semester. With many gone home, some not taking summer classes, or some having graduated, we never know how many will attend. Chuck was the only student who showed this week. Is it worth it ... for just one?

Michael has spent a good bit of time preparing for the summer Bible studies on campus. In addition to hours of studying to share the truth with students, there is a lot of foot work and paper work to get a room reserved on campus.  Then there is the joy (but work and planning) of bringing snacks or homemade goodies for the ever-hungry college students.  All in all, it takes some big effort to share God's Word each week on campus.

Michael began his new series, "Is the Bible Green?"  Besides in the general culture, 'going green' is a hot topic on many university campuses.  'Saving the Earth' is often pushed through media, advertisements, and various programs on campus without the balance of Scripture..

Michael introduced the topic by directing us to Genesis 1 and Acts 17 reminding us that God is the Creator - Ruler of all.  We saw that man is given dominion over creation - and responsibility, and then how creation was corrupted through sin in Romans 1, 8, and Genesis 3.  By the time we perused through II Peter 3 and Revelation 21 seeing how God will resolve the sin issue and eventually create a new heaven and earth, we saw that the answer to the ecological problem and 'going green' is not financial or legal, but spiritual. It is only when man acknowledges the Creator and begins to use creation for God's glory that the problem will be solved.

Though it was just an introduction to the subject, Chuck was totally amazed. He kept telling us, "I never knew God talked about this in the Bible.  This is so interesting that God talks about our responsibility in the Bible... I never knew this was in the Bible."

One boy-
God's truth-
Understanding gained-

It's worth it!



  1. Good reminder. Sometimes it seems that sharing God's Word is futile - but it is always time well spent!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, From Snowflakes To Hotcakes, today! I love the Wait on the Lord bracelet too, and I'm glad to be able to offer it in my giveaway! I'm so glad you visited, and hope you come back soon! :-)


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